About The Company

A Story of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Carino wants to share with you 30 years of history. Join us!

Carino Ingredients 30 Years

Carino Ingredients is a company that prides itself of its origins. Genuinely Brazilian and located in Marilia, midwest region of the state of Sao Paulo, the company celebrates its 30 year anniversary. With an industrial complex that has a wide range of certified technologies, Carino combines different ingredients to create innovative and customized products and solutions to meet market trends, making it an unique provider for its business partners.

Years of knowledge and achievements, always based on ethics and respect, focused on the high quality and safety standards of its products and services - pillars and values that permeate and sustain since the production chain until all of our relations with employees, customers, suppliers and community living.

This recognized personality, combined with creativity and innovation, made Carino a partner of many innovative projects. Thus the company goes on to the next years, with a solid and recognized portfolio of more than 200 products such as nuts, crunchies, fillings, fruit preparations, syrups, dragees, biscuits, inclusions, toppings and fruit chips, with partners in Brazil and worldwide - more than 22 countries, with sustainable actions and processes.

Advanced Technology

The main points when developing high quality, homogeneous products and services is the use of modern technology in the numerous processes that require a high level of food safety, reliability and productivity.

Having this settled, we are aware and lined up with the current world scenario, seeking to remain always in touch with the development of our customers and the consumer market.

In this sense, the company has the latest equipment, updated with the most modern in Brazil and in the world, and practices a modern management and is committed to its permanent update, offering its customers in Brazil the same standard of quality and safety required in their countries of origin, from the moment of receiving and selecting the raw material, through its storage and until the completion of its production.

Creativity is our nature

Creativity is one of the determining factors for the success and longevity of Carino´s relationships with customers.

Always updated on the latest news and trends, Carino's crew members are constantly interacting with markets and leading professionals in the world.

Counting on a highly specialized technical team, with experient and creative professionals, we are permanently aiming to make a difference every day, developing products with their own innovative features that add more value and competitiveness to our customers' business.