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Clean Label Solutions

Clean Label is a consumer-driven movement, requiring food that contains natural, familiar and simple ingredients; easy to recognize, understand and pronounce; healthier and the most natural as it can be. Products and Solutions in all food categories are innovating and evolving to meet the needs most wanted by consumers.

We always try to balance the demands of consumers with functional, safe and sustainable solutions, without harming the flavors or nutrition, adding even more value and quality in the foods and solutions we produce.

If you are looking for a clean label supplier, we are the ideal partner to achieve more balanced and complete solutions.


Carino Social Project - Promoting Citizenship

Carino Social Project offers multiple skills workshops for children and teenagers from the community of Marília / SP, with socio-academic, cultural and physical activities planned and guided by psychopedagogues, to attend and give the needed support.

Various activities are offered in a welcoming, respectful and affective environment, seeking to contribute to a better and more prosperous future for all. We work with great pride and dedication so that we can collaborate with more social and environmental responsibility for all.

Certified Quality

Focused on food safety and customer satisfaction, we at Carino maintain a robust and agile system applied throughout the entire production chain.

This includes judicious evaluation of our suppliers, the development of safe and sustainable products, the use of modern equipment and technologies, technically certified processes and constantly trained teams.

Carino is FSSC 22000 certified, which is one of the most up-to-date protocols and indicated by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) to garantee food safety.

We are proud to be members of the International Council of Nuts and Dried Fruits (INC), the global provider of information and studies on nutrition, health, food safety, international trade and agricultural quality standards.